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Debt Consolidation Loans

11.50% APR* for up to 24 Months

Rates are on the rise! With a debt consolidation loan from PrimeWay Federal Credit Union, you can pay off your debt sooner with just one simple payment per month. Plus, you’ll likely pay less on interest, saving you money as well as time.

We’re here to help you free yourself from debt and start breathing easier again.

A debt consolidation loan from PrimeWay will help you get rid of high-interest credit card debt and combine multiple bills into one lower monthly payment. Give your budget some breathing room with:

  • 11.50% APR* for up to 24 Months with auto draft
  • Flexible terms up to 60 months
  • Friendly, helpful customer service
  • Convenient online application

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Paying Off Credit Card Debt Has Never Been Easier

A consolidation loan offers you flexibility and control for your debt financing. You can determine the amount you need to pay off your credit card debt and choose the repayment term that works best for you.

By consolidating your debt, you can simplify your finances and make fewer payments each month. This will enable you to eliminate debt faster because you’ll put less money toward interest if you lock in a lower interest rate and pay down your principal sooner.

In addition to credit cards, you can consolidate department store cards, gas cards, or even your medical bills.

Don’t wait for your bubble to burst. Breathe free and easy with a debt consolidation loan from PrimeWay.

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