PrimeWay Federal Credit Union

Debit Card Fraud Text Alerts

PrimeWay monitors our members’ debit cards for fraudulent activity and provides free Fraud Text Alerts as an added security feature.

As a member, you're automatically enrolled in this free service if you have your mobile number connected to your account. You will always have the option to opt out of Fraud Text Alerts.

If you would like to update your mobile number to receive Fraud Text Alerts, please fill out the form below.

Yes, I want to update my mobile number for Fraud Text Alerts!

Fraud Text Alert FAQ

These are common questions about Fraud Text Alerts. However, if you need further assistance or have additional questions, please contact PrimeWay at 713-799-6200 and we will be happy to assist you.

Members will receive a text for any suspicious fraudulent activity on their debit card. This allows our members to take immediate action to block the card from being used further if there is indeed fraud occurring.

If you have a mobile number connected to your account, you are automatically enrolled.

If a transaction is flagged as suspicious, you will receive a text message informing you of the transaction. You will be given the opportunity to respond to the text message to indicate if the transaction was authorized or fraudulent.

Example of a PrimeWay Bank Fraud Alert:
FreeMsg: John Smith Fraud Alert for acct ending 1234.
Home Depot in CA for $36.39.
Is this transaction Fraud? Reply Y or N.
To Opt Out, reply STOP.

Based on your reply, you will receive the one of the following messages:

If you reply NO:

FreeMsg: PrimeWay Alert. Please call Fraud Prevention at 1-866-518-0213.

If you reply YES you will receive the following response:

FreeMsg: PrimeWay Alert. Thank you for confirming this is not fraud. We appreciate your assistance.

When you receive an interactive text simply send back the word: “Stop.” This will place you on a list excluding you from receiving text messages.

  1. The majority of our member cardholders have their smartphone with them nearly 24 hours a day. Member cardholders can’t always be reached at home or the office but they can be reached via their smartphone.
  2. This service engages PrimeWay member cardholders by providing them the information they need wherever they are.
  3. The faster we know if a transaction was fraudulent, the quicker we can act to block transactions and prevent additional fraud.
  4. A faster notification and response from a member cardholder that indicates they performed the transaction will reduce the number of transactions that are blocked and declined while waiting for a response.

We will skip any contact method for which we do not have data on file. So if we don’t have a mobile number or email address we will skip to the next contact method, which will be a phone call to the home number on file.

The text messages we send along with the member response messages are free of charge.
The text message we send will indicate that it is a free message.
Your mobile carrier’s text messaging charges may apply for text message alerts.

Yes. Text messages will contain information on a single transaction only due to limitations in how many characters can be sent in a text message. The email does not have character limitation and it could contain multiple transactions that we want to verify with the cardholder.

No, notifications will be delivered to cardholders 24 hours a day.