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1.25% APY*

27-Month Jump CD

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With a PrimeWay Jump CD*, help your money earn more.

With a PrimeWay JUMP CD*, start at one great rate to help your money earn more AND get the opportunity to Jump one time to an EVEN better rate!

A No-Risk Way to Earn Higher Dividends

Our JUMP certificates feature maturity options ranging from 17 months to 50 months, but the longer your money stays in a certificate, the more money you get back in return. This means you can deposit your money, sit back, and watch it grow. And because you are saving over time, CDs earn more than traditional savings accounts which can be withdrawn at any time.

Certificates are a popular and simple investment strategy that requires as little as a $500 minimum deposit and no monthly service charge.

Let our associates be your guide to help meet your financial needs. For more information, fill out the form to have us reach out to you, visit us at one of our convenient retail centers or call us at (713) 799-6200.


27-Month Jump CD*
1.25% APY* for $1,000 Minimum Deposit
1.35% APY* for $100,000 Minimum Deposit
1.45% APY* for $250,000 Minimum Deposit

Other rates and terms available.


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